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lo gents,

we would like to get some community inputs for the upcoming Patreon Compo, regarding Benchmarks, amount of stages,...

Only thing so far is we would like to split it up in a DDR4 and DDR5 Compo.


Our Graphical designer is atm busy with the Challengers Background. The Patreon one is aimed at April earliest, so we still have some time left


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Maybe limit RAM frequency along with CPU frequency? This puts more focus into getting the optimal timings instead of just pushing for RAM frequency.

Another one is instead of frequency limits, maybe a max voltage limit would be cool. The problem would be which sensor to trust as they differ from each motherboard.

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Maybe something like 2x2D and 2x3D stages or something along those lines? Not sure how many Patreon participants there are so that might be too many haha.

Limit CPU clocks for benches; and limit cooling for GPU on 3D stage. No chiller, sub ambient?

I imagine the Patreon has a lot of Enthusiast/Apprentice users so should be fair to them as well.

Hmmm maybe Geek 3 and cruncher 2.5b for 2D because with clock limit it'll be about mem tuning anyways. And for 3D.. idk? That one is harder because of so much variance between users cards. Vantage Extreme GT only and Fire Strike Ultra GT?

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