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I just grabbed a i7-2600k & Asus M4E-Z for benching

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I have looked through many but not all of the post in this section. All of the ones I looked at no longer have pictures or external Links that work ?

Here is my problem that others will have when grabbing this setup. The memory that I have will run faster than 2133 or 2400 if the BIOS would boot that high. I have G.Skill Trident DR3-2000 9-9-9-27 (BBSE),  Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2133 9-10-9-24 (PSC), and G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2666 11-13-13-35 (CFR). With DDR5 now required,  DDR3-2000/2133/2400 are plentiful and cheap. You still have to pay for faster memory with tighter timings 2133 @ 8-8-8-24, speeds over 2400, high overclocking IC's, ect, ect


-> I'm looking to overclock the BLCK faster than 102.8 ? I have a i7-2600k - Stepping-7 Revision-D2 and a Asus M4E-Z with bios 3603 (11/09/2012). I have seen submissions with a 105-108 BLCK on this setup.


Thank You For Your Time

In Reading and Replying



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Sandy is 2133 max divider bootable, hypers or cold BBSE rock on this platform

Some IMCs are pretty crap on these CPUs

Too cold is not good for SuperPi 32M, sometimes -30 / 45 is optimal for the IMC, going colder can make your IMC error out.

For high bclock, low SA/IO voltage was the trick

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Thanks for the tips ?

I was able to set CPU to 1.4v and CPU PLL to 1.9v-2.0v = BLCK 106. Must also have CPU PLL ov allowed. The cpu has hit 5.4ghz with 1.625v (2 cores enabled for sp-32m and cpu frequency) on a 360mm aio. Now it is just a matter of tighting the memory timings before I install the SS for benching ?

Thank You

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