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I have an i9-12900K and want the best performance possible. I would like to buy the GSkill 32 Gb 4000 Mhz CL14 Ram but its sold out everywhere! As an alternative i have these three options:


- GSkill 32 Gb 4400 Mhz CL17-18-18-38 1.5V


- GSkill 32 Gb 3600 Mhz CL14-14-14-34 1.45V


- GSkill 32 Gb 4000 Mhz CL16-16-16-36 1.4V


Which of these three kits are better binned? Which one will have the greatest possibility to archieve 4000 Mhz CL 14 manually on 1.55V?


Right now im running 4000 Mhz CL 16-19-19-39 in Gear 1 without problems but i want to send it back


I appreciate all replies and which you a great day!

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I have the 32 Gb 4400c17-18 kit as well as the older 4000c16-19 kit and they both have no problem running 4000c14 daily stable at under 1.550v.

Even 4133c14 is fully stable at 1.580 - 1.590v. I have never tried minimizing voltages because I don't daily these and typically run them at 1.750 or more

Here are some timings for reference, just keep in mind this is for benching so supporting voltages are probably on the high side and freq at 4356 Mhz with 1.650v

The 4000c16 kit is priced right but if price to performance ratios mean nothing to you the 4400c17 kit *should be slightly better bin





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Generally, 4000c14 and old 3800c14 which were binned and made before the 4000c14 were released are by far the best 2x16GB kits you can get quality wise, I never tested DDR4 on 12900K but a couple of hundred kits from 6700K up to 11900K and practically all available bins from 3000c15 upwards. On the newer kits 4400c17 are best bin technically. You can always be lucky with sample variance but especially on kits on the market now, it is very rare that you find highest quality on cheaper bins.

To make a long story short, of all the kits I tested one 4266c17 kit which was very early released and two 3800c14 pre 4000c14 era kits were the only ones that matched 4000c14 bin quality, being able to run 4000c14 1T below 1,50v fully stable no maxmem up to 4400c15 1T also fully stable which was more or less the limit for my z590 system with which I made my final DDR4 tests. Try to buy used stuff like this or on the new available kits the 4400c17 are best quality. Funny enough there are no 4000c14s anymore because binning these is not longer possible (price at 600 euros would not match the binning work)

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