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[FS-EU] Decent 4930K, R5E10 like new


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I have these 3 boards for sale for now:


1. ASUS Maximus XI Apex (matx proto Gene)

0021 Gene bios flashed onto it. Works fine, looks like a proper benching sl*t. It is from Asus Z390 release party in TP. Some of the white paint has been removed. There was a wire glued and soldered in some places, has been removed, board works fine.

Not a collection queen, or mint item, it is for someone to put it thru its paces, 8350K-8600K-8700K-9600K-9700K-9900K LN2 friend board. If you don't mind ugly, can even daily it no problem.




2. ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore

Similar to the Apex, ghetto bencher board. Had some of the IO removed, some SMDs removed/broken off. The board needs LN2 mode enabled to go past "USB overcurrent protection" on post screen. Works fine otherwise, can handle any CPU, water, chiller, or LN2 from 7800X to 10980XE. 4000C15 quad easy

I ran an SP98 10980XE on chiller in it at 5.1 allcore, PSU side 700W+ no sweat. If you have one or more good 2066 SKL-X CPUs you wanna LN2, without risking a mint board, this is one for you.





3. ASUS Rampage V Edition 10

Like new board, very little usage, has box and all accessories, some of the cooling even has factory film over it. Collector item, and/or 6950X ln2 monster, if you want.




4. Intel Core i7-4930K - Decent Clocker!

Want to sell my 4930K, 10 min R23 loop tested on aio, R15 single pass needs 20mV or more lower, also I used conservative LLC:
4600@1.275V LLC high,
4700@1.345V LLC high

Was already very hot, couldn't keep 4800 under 95C. Had one pass at 1.435V, with a custom loop and shorter benches this definitely would come down in volts.




1. 120€+shipping Sold!

2. 175€+shipping Sold!

3. 295€ 260€+shipping Sold!

4. 35€+shipping


Payment is PP FF, or bank transfer, buyer covers all fees, shipping. Private sale, no warranty or return.

Items Location are in EU / Hungary
Shipping EU only.


Private sale, no return or warranty, can provide running pics to buyer.


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sold R5E10
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