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[FS][EU] 11900K - SOLD


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Hey guys,

up for sale an 11900k, with tray packaging and invoice. I bought the chip binned from a watercooling enthusiast, unfortunately I never had it cold.

My results on M13A with water cooling 21°C ambient (water temp appr. 22-24°C):
32M 5.6 1.45V: https://hwbot.org/submission/5138075_
XTU 5.3 1.44V: https://hwbot.org/submission/5138014_
R23 5.25 1.45V: https://hwbot.org/submission/5137981_aerotracks_cinebench___r23_multi_core_with_benchmate_core_i9_11900k_17268_cb

And last of all, voltage scaling under load with R23: 5.0 1.146V / 5.2 1.288V

Sold for 320€ shipped EU (DHL 2kg package).
(For worldwide shipping, write me and I'll look it up)

Item location: Germany.
Payment via PayPal/IBAN. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.
Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Overclocking results may vary, but were achieved as mentioned on my system.


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37 minutes ago, Sparks.nl said:

Question: is that maxed out for the imc? 

This was just XMP and the 4600C14 profile (fastest available for B-Die) on the Apex + some BCLK.

When I first received the chip, I did some IMC testing with what the seller claimed stable for his daily setup, and it was. Screenshot attached below.


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Some more IMC testing: At C14/C15 between 4700-5100 frequencies there is some kind of hole where it does not like to train. With more frequency, it comes back and is stable again. Not sure what is going on there, might be me.

Result: 5150 15-13 Geekbench, should be plenty for most if not all 2D benches. :)

Screenshot (22).png

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