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Z790 Dark Kingpin and 13900KS


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Z790 Dark Kingpin, was pulled from box and setup on bench pcb. Tested to confirm functionality. Board does not work with my Zotac 4090s so it needs to go. 

$700 + shipping and PayPal G&S fee

Can have unit RMA’d and sent to you afterwards, price goes to $750 + shipping and PP fee



13900KS. Was used to test board functionality. Maybe 30-45 minutes of use total

$650 + shipping and PP fee

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I could have told you Kingpin don't work with Zotac  ...should have asked ?

I returned my Zotac to PLE for that reason last December.

I also informed Vince.

PS that was a Z690 I used so obviously don't work on  Z790 either .

Would have been nice to know.

Expensive paperweight.

Edit ...Just checked 17th November 2022

Beautiful card mind and so easy to flash every bios onto it.....I want another one for the Tachyon when the ECC stuff gets sorted that is .

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