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Benchmark OS difference?


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Hey hi, so ok I know that some bench software runs better in windows XP like benching pi, so my question is does it make a difference or is there an advantage to using one OS over another because I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, if I use windows 7 I believe scores would be higher because the OS isn't phoning home like windows 10, and the phoning home uses resources of the PC that could be used during the bench, so in that case I would think windows 7 would be a better bench OS, am I wrong? If I am what am I missing in the big picture?

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Windows 10 and 11 aren't constantly phoning home and the cost of that is probably minimal.

It's not all about overclocking and fast hardware, you also have to optimize your OS. Windows XP is great for SuperPi but you still need to tweak it to get top scores. Same goes for other OS'es; shuting down and removing stuff you don't need during the benches can already have a positive impact on scores. Same goes for running benches at higher priorities (so that the "phoning home" doesn't impact your score that much).

There's also no "golden" OS for each benchmark, it depends on the hardware you use, the drivers and even the BIOS can give different results depending on the OS.

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All of my systems are multi-boot with multiple versions of Windows booting next to Linux because of the variance. The newer the OS is, the larger the payload of performance-killing telemetry and other worthless trash it will be packing. The greatest challenge we face as enthusiasts is interference from the Redmond Reprobates and their efforts to strongarm the world into doing things their way. Finding and modding drivers that allow you to use the best OS for the job has never been more difficult, and that is due to their deliberate efforts to manipulate outcomes and maintain control. 

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