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[FS-EU] GTX 770 Classified, 1151 CPUs


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Hello, I am looking to sell some of my stuff that I haven't used in multiple years and are just sitting in closet collecting dust.


#1 ASRock Z170M OC Formula - comes in box with most of the accessories. Bought for my daily driver new in 2016. Only been on LN2 once, on phase maybe 3 times and once on dice. No burnt pins, no Coffee Lake mod, decent good condition, unmolested board. Thermal pads have been replaced with good thermal transfer aftermarket pink ones. Haven't been used almost at all since 2019. 180 160€+shipping. SOLD!




#2 EVGA GTX 770 Classified 4GB - comes in box but with no accessories. Purchased it midcovid when I was super bored in home office, but I only ever used it twice for a couple hours. Been cleaned, dusted and repasted. 115 95€+shipping.




#3 Intel Core i7-7700K - L639G500, binned by Hazzan. Was sold to me as 6.75GHz R15 capable, I only had it on ln2 twice, lots of paste crack (user and/or application error) and max I got out of it was 6.6xGHz. During the first ln2 session with ShaggySVK one of the corners of the CPU die got chipped. Looks bad, works fine however. Can do 5.7GHz on dice. OEM, CPU only. Delidded, IHS is not glued back. 140€ 130€+shipping.




#4 Intel Core i3-7350K - Delidded, custom bartx nickel IHS glued onto CPU with LM under it. I also provide original IHS if neccessary. 5.3GHz R15-20-23, Geek3-4 with 360 aio in cold room. 5.2x in normal room with decent water cooling. 80€+shipping


#5 Intel Core i3-6320 - binned by luumi, can do 4.9xGHz R11.5 with LM and 360 AIO in room. 5.22GHz with phase change. 5.45GHz phase change valid. Delidded, not glued back. 40€+shipping.


Items are located in Hungary. Private sale, no regular or oc warranty or returns. Paypal FF or € bank transfer. Buyer pays for shipping.


More hi-res images link: imgur

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