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Benchmark ideas for the Patreon Compo of HWBot


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as in topic, fun benchmarks, no high scores required, doable on nearly all hardware




I want to split up Intel/AMD ofc and maybe DDR5 , but it own't be with standard ranking winners, more lucky draw-ish as it doess't require the best score/hardware to win something...




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A final score (of any given benchmark) with "special" numbers, like all sequential 123, 123456, 6543, 345.678, etc., or all the same number 1111, 33.333, etc.

Any timed benchmark that ends on an exact multiple of a second (e.g. 5.000s), or score-based ones that end on nice round numbers (e.g. Cinebench scores that are like 1000, 2000, 5000, etc).

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