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Using a PCIe Riser Cable for OCing Video Cards

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I have seen on some great scores from using a SS or even a Dice/LN2 pot on a video card BUT they don't use a riser cable when benching? I know if I use a x16 riser cable this would give me more flexibility/room over installing it straight to the MB. Is there a reason not to use one (lower score)?

I'm looking to try a setup like this but use a riser cable -> https://hwbot.org/submission/5272727_nachtfalke_3dmark2001_se_geforce_gtx_560_ti_211697_marks

Here is a link to a x16 riser cable that I'm looking to use. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175473701215?hash=item28db0c315f:g:MfMAAOSwDtRjYdzQ&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwBeiLKuDkdsG%2BExl5tcXF6AVxC2vA48DlhW0ISsorfz4WtU7k9rA3QWMiRGgP8%2FNahrNoRH8o5%2BSC0nmxbikCyLXFK7JcPIK6rqDNWGmLhrfrtqogYMo%2B4dJWap5jnoY6vdAQY3%2F0WtibkI9LflpdoUDjUD4%2F1hCk17Dmkg%2BwHQIcVP3%2BRiZCm%2FEULYm6B05Exig1xUceL6h7PsJ1sXVY26EPkmImBNzA2L9c5LmhWUWhbiTPeVtAgWgdbloEN%2FjcA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR46XysuCYg


Thank You For Your Time

In Reading and Replying





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