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I have been competing in the enthusiast league for all year. During country cup I submitted 2 scores on chiller both not sub zero and ticked the box for the scores not to counted towards my total. There has been no issue till tonight and I have been upgraded to apprentice. I have been intentionally not subbing anything on chiller to stay in the enthusiast category for this year and given I was leading as of today this is a bit frustrating at the last minute. Provided no one does a big score drop at the last minute it would be rather unfortunate to loose my 1st place due to this

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2 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:

No positive way to prove temp.  You say you're in Enthusiast, but also say you run a chiller and subbed as one, guess what?....welcome to the Apprentice league.   

He should be straight Elite, based on his subs.

Results are good, dunno why he preffers to be stuck in enthusiast.

That xeon and 4x 4090 is no match for most leagues :D

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14 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:

You should be.  ;)

I know, I just assumed that I'm in some queue waiting to be moved from league, with all the changes and recalculations going on lately. Anyway, it's a new year, fresh start, as soon as I get my next batch of DI I'll see if I still need it to be fixed.

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