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Asus Rampage III Gene, CPU-Z stuck at 12-15% processors

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Bought this motherboard off marketplace with i7 930 and i7 950 . 

All went OK when installing XP`s and I made the changes from luumi`s video on yt. 


When I installed CPU-Z 2.09 the thing doesn`t open! Its stuck at loading at 12-15% ...

If in .ini I put PCI to 0 it opens, but its missing some specs. Is this ok for validations?

The same is with 2.08 .


I tried different rams, tried both cpu`s, the bios was not the latest I updated and still the same. I didn`t try different OS that is my next thing to do. 


Maybe some hardware problem, the board is old and who knows where it was for the last couple of years :) 


Thanks, Blaz



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All OK in win7, I tried another WinXP image but got stuck at installing network components...

Is OK to use older CPU-Z in the rules you need latest version?


As I will not be going for the records only fun benching and this is not the best LGA 1366 motherboard I think I will be ok :)


Thanks, Blaz

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