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Sandy Bridge under SS : 2600K @4.6G max

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Hello all,


My question is simple:


I tried to put my 2600K under Single Stage this week end with the UD7-B3 (bios: F3h)

Everything was ok at stock frequency and voltage, but issues appeared rising the vCore over 1.5v


I tried to set multi from x34 to x40 easely but over it was a pain in the "ice" ... though tested one by one to max out at x46.


When I can reach x56 stable (1.65v) under water and 5.486G max (x55)


So is there something I missed or is it just the SB lottery which gave me the bad number ? :D


In advance, thank you ;)

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Yeah sure, exactly the same settings as under water :( But as for exemple the mobo's probe is stuck at -10°C on cores


If i try to rise the multi over x46, it bugs and returns to deafault (x34) reactivating 4cores and HT -___-


Edit: I know Chris but I'm frustrated and don't have a modular SS ^^

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Sandy bridge seems to be a bit of a bitch to OC with SS. You have to go in baby steps. do a 4GHz OC with 1.25vcore, then bump vcore to 1.35 and then 1.45 and then 1.55 etc. After than change multi to 50 and then whatever your max is


that should get it to what you need. You can have a play and find out what the easiest way is to reach max OC. I just have a profile now, load that, increase vcore and then load 5.7Ghz profile and im good to go every time

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That's pretty close to what I tried, but not so smoothy on vCore I agree. Thank you for the advice Dino, appreciate that mate ;)


Admitting I'll give another try (not sure), what vCore I should'nt go over ? 1.70/1.75v ?

And, other point: if (atmo under water) I can partially post with x57 does it mean that I could get it if the above trick works ?

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hmm... seems to be very random when Sb is cooled by sub zero degrees.


i can only boot with 5200 mhz (1,55V) on air, but with 5700 MHz on single stage cooling (with 1,7V).

and its a lot more stable when the 2600k drops the 0°C.

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