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only 2 of 8 Xeon x7560's & only 192GB of 1.88TB showing in Windows 7?

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** I know I need Windows Server ;-)


I was impressed Windows 7 installed without any hassles though, I'll try to install Windows 2008 R2 & then VM Ubuntu in the next fews days :-)


Unfortunately I couldn't play with the Tesla box - maybe next time :-)


If anybody wants any specific benchmarks run let me know and I'll do my best before someone realises this servers missing ;-)



** edit: I ran wprime 32M again but this time with 32 threads instead of just 4!

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At a certain point Wprime 32M actually stops to scale properly with many CPU cores as initializing needs too much time in relation to the whole calculation time, but Wprime 1024M would be evil! :D


yeah, i was thinking the same.


And ALSO Cinebench with the Testlas Karl ;)


yeah, cinebench would be also nice. :)

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