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Hey its me again :D


Today 5 Scores of me were flagged and 1 blocked.

The blocked 3DMark01 score is okay, i know whats wrong, no discussion. I'll try to rerun it with valid screenshot.

But the others flagged scores confuse me. First there 4 times "GPU-Z missing", but Rivatuner is shown - GPU-Z works not for me. If my graphiccard is @stock gpu-z works, but if i overclock it and start the GPU-Z, or overclock while running GPU-Z my PC freezes, dunno why but it does. So i cant use GPU-Z. Further there are doubts with using the AGP Slots on my Mainboard - on other Scores u can see that AGP is enabled. I forget it on 3DMark06 but anyway i hope now its a valid screenshot. Aquamark 3 is also updated screen.


Then the biggest joke: "i doubt PhenomII can reach this clock in NF3 Asrock mobo."

Yeah "maxine" u got owned by Asrockpower:


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well...all questions over results start with "I think" sometimes scores just dont look right for the hardware or clocks.


Maybe the phrasing is different because of language barriers, im pointing that out, not having a go at anyone :)

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