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xXSebaSXx - Phenom II X4 955 BE @ 4653.4MHz - 15933 marks PCMark 2004


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Beat on air Shrimp? Say it ain't so man.


LOL Opty.... To be fair to Shrimp; he's running a dual core cpu with a 6850 gpu; and even though he was on LN2 I could bring my 955BE pretty close to the clock speeds he got with his 565 so my two extra cores, the better GPU and the faster/tighter ram gave me the edge on that one... LN2 did not matter much on this one for him. Having said that; I'm sure some of his teammates are already planning how to take K10 back from us, but I welcome the competition.... It just forces me to keep tweaking so I can find those extra points. :D

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Well see if Austin had payed attention, I went from a DDR3 on liquid to DDR2 with LN hoping the mhz would make a larger difference.


I could however Dice the DDR3 board and @ 1600 + 4.9ghz, would definitely give a larger gain.


My team mates can't touch these scores. It's going to based on weather or not I'm willing to Dice my Daily gamer. I probably won't, but let's see if I get that itch ;)


And Opty... Keep re-running that 4050e. I need some PCMark04 competition with that cpu. lol.




I got more in that one too ;) ^ :)

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