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ThuG OC Team Italy - Pentium 4 631 @ 8179.9MHz - 8179.89 mhz CPU-Z

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Hi Chris, 8320mhz?

The last time we benched it, we arrived with ease at 8.090mhz, the problem is that we can't find a mobo that could resist more than a session with that thing -.-

Currently we moved on, but we hope to come back in the future with something new to post, maybe :)

Anyway, it's still alive, why you say it's dead? :)

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aahh ok, I remember that 641, but they didn't pick validation, so they couldn't post the result, if I well remember.

This was the first cpu to ever reach 8+ghz, the problem are the mobos...the Commandos are "one shot one kill", the Rex1 are good but not the best for these cpus... :(

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as I remember, 8320MHz P641 score was a badly photoshopped fake


As for this P631 (first chip ever to break 8GHz, "the alien" as they called it) - I don't have much info on it.

Batch - it was lapped before anyone could write it down. I heard that italian overclockers have bought a bunch of 631s at that time and all others were L534B, which is my most educated guess.

If anyone still posesses "the alien" - PCB code would be much appreciated :)


As for boards, 965 are very inconsistent, try to look for a "virgin" P5E3-Prem or a P5E64-WS-Evo for cedarmills

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