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The new CPU-Z 1.52 Version can show graphics Information.




You will also note the addition of the new tab "Graphics", intended to report some basic information about the graphic devices. This is not really a new feature, since most of these information are already reported in the validation pages.


My question is, can we only usw CPU-Z with the extra graphics tab or still CPU-Z and GPU-Z for the screenshots?


kind regards





This new version is planned for june 2009....
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I'd rather find an official alternative for CPU-Z for CPU's, rather then using it also for GFX display. CPU-Z support sucks BIG time lately :(


WHat problems are you referring to? I know only 2... the "wrong validation issue" I've experienced, and the Phenom validation rejection problem.

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let's first see how this graphics tab will work, will it show all all the necessary info? currently GPU-Z allows us to see GPU speed, MEM speed, Shader clock, pipelines , memory size, memory type, GPU nm, if CPU-Z 1.52 can match all those I see no reason to deny, but let's wait and see:)


GPU-z get's all that from a database, it just checks the codename or reads some bios info

only thing in real time is the clocks

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Heh I shoulda posted to say it was out... been fiddling with it for a few minutes myself.


Love the new style, the new validate feature.


Graphics tab is bare, people should still stick to GPUz


I agree on the size issue - it's pants for screenshotting on small resolutions.


Need a CPU/Mem tab with it all in one.

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Anyone else having an issue in 1.52 with i7's (920, in particular), so that when overclocking with a utility like E-LEET, the multiplier suddenly drops in CPU-Z only? I have reproduced this error many times using E-LEET and CPU-z, so that any time I raise the QPI in the program, the multiplier suddenly drops to 19x from 20x with turbo on. The E-LEET validation works fine, with the correct speed and multi, but CPU-Z, however will not.


What I'd like to know from the hwbot staff is how I can validate any 2D benches requiring a (or two) screenshot of CPU-Z, when it lists the wrong speed of the processor? This error did not occur in version 1.51.

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