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National league?


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Hi all , don't know if this is the right place to post my question


i have been thinking , how about a new feature that consists in listing the top scores of each country? , this could be called the National League


that way every country would have their own rankings listed , and i think this could bring more members to encourage to join the hwbot community


i think , every registered memebr could fill a new field in his registering log or an option in his profiel to indicate his nacionality


then another subranking could be created with the top scores in each country , the competition would improve and it would be a lot of interesting



for example at Sapin that is where i live , there are some forums that has their own rankings , but i think the interest would increase if there is a place where this would be much more organized , like hwbot ;) , i could post in every important OC forum at Spain , and i think there's a lot of people at Europe that would like this idea :)



let me know what you think gents


thanks and best regards from OCX :)

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Wow guys you're fast :D , i'm so glad that you like the idea ;)


i think that a ranking per country based in everyone's nationalty option choose at profile would be the best


i mean not the hwboints , menaning the app rankings , IE , the


National Rankings:






and so on , and when one of them is clicked you see the rankings at super pi , super pi 32m 3DMarks.. etc , etc


would this be too much hard or too much work? (i'm asking this cause i really don't have idea xD)



regards :)

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Just to explain my point ;)


i'm member and moderator of OCX , i would be submitting results for OCX , but as i'm Spanish i would be ranked in the National Ranking Leagues



if needed , can be submitting same result either for the global rankings of Teams , and the National Ranking if it's less work to do for the hwbot masters , see that i have no idea of how the hwbot code works ;)

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so the national rankings are based on the scores and not on the hwboints ?


I like the idea :)

exactly mate ;) , well at least that's my idea xD


it would be the same as the team app rankings , but a ranking/list per country registered , i may be asking for so much xD i don't know but it would be great in my opinion , i think the site would gain a lot of new submissions and mebers :)


the results can even be taken from the "nomrla" scores of every team/forum ranking , and who does not be apart of a team can submitt the results manually and enter into the rankings , either the actual used and the virtual "National Rankings" :)



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So why don't you want the overall boints list too? I think it would be easy to add with the others.

Oh no no , i didn't want to mean that ;) , if the hwboints are added with the overal rankings it would be much more better ;) , i was meaning that the first idea was to have a ranking based in the apps like before the hwboints shown up , but if you guys add the hwboints aswell it would be awesome :)



saludos from Spain and OCX

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