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What do we do when CPUZ goes bonkers?

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What do we do when CPUZ mis-identifies a given processor?


JMKE mentioned recently that it sometimes does that. We were discussing a bench posted by another user and it turned out CPUZ had incorrectly Identified that user's Palomino MP as a Thoroughbred XP.


JMKE implied CPUZ can mis-identify other processors as well. As of today, I'm a believer.


I was benching an AMD Athlon MP 2200+ AMSN2200DKT3C. It was properly identified by CPUZ as an MP processor up to around 150FSB. At 160FSB and higher, CPUZ wrongly identifies the processor as a Sempron. That's with CPUZ verison 1.50, BTW.


What I'm planning to do is explain that in the "Description" box where we submit new scores, and also add some text in the screenie explaining what's going on.


Perhaps this approach could be adopted by the mods as an informal guideline as to what users can do when CPUZ fails to properly identify one of their processors.


Will that be sufficient to allow the scores to be posted? Are you guys okay with that?


[i don't have a camera good enough to take a readable photo of the black OPN label, and wouldn't know how to use Photoshop to include an image of the OPN label in a screenie even if I did.]


By examing the screenshots it should be obvious that CPUZ has misidentified the processor because I'm running it at 13x and 13.5x for the benches. True Socket A Semprons are locked and don't run at those multies as far as I know. See this page at CPU-World.com for the known Socket A Sempron multies:




Here's the link to the 2200+ MP category where I'm hoping to post the benchmark results.




Here are pics showing what happens with CPUZ and this processor as it runs above and below 160FSB.




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