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Rules Question about PhysX


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Hi Friends!


I allways bench my Videocards in AM3, 3DMark01, 03, 05 & 06 (PCMark anyway) with disabled PhysX.

But with new Videocards i have a very low CPU-Score in Aquamark when i disable PhysX.

Is it allowed to enable it for Aquamark3?


I allways follow the Rules... so i dont like to break them undeliberate. But a CPU-Score worth 10000 Points with a Phenom II X4 955 is crazy! :-)


greets Michael

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PhysX is software for using Nvidia VGA to calculate physics real-time. Hyperthreading is hardware to use the gap in two instructions of one thread to insert an instruction of another thread to improve multi-threading performance.


You need drivers to use an Nvidia VGA for rendering physics (software=PhysX) whereas you don't need drivers to use hyperthreading.

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