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SteveRo - Core i7 2600K @ 5487.4MHz - 48144 marks PCMark 2005


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The good, the bad and the ugly. The good (always talk about the good 1st!) – finally - after huge investment of time and $$$ - good storage scores! The bad – I killed two ud7s in the process :( . The ugly – I had 4400+ pixel shader at 50x then when I go cold and move up to 55, pixel shader drops to 3100 – this happened to me on both ud7 and now on ud4, what the heck! :( 2D graphics memory is bad but I knew that was going to happen due to the 6970 running at 8x when the iodrive is in the other slot. Still - good enough for #1 for the moment :). Under the current rules - I still think 50K pcm05 is a doable do, my money is on Mr. Pro and probably sooner rather than later. Go Pcm05! Storage – acards, fusion-io iodrive SLC, 2xC30064s, boot drive was a little old x25-v (cross flashed from a Kingston 40).

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