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delete "checkes by mod" results


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is there a possibility to delete old scores, which are "checked by moderator"?

The bell is grey and the trash symbol is not there...


So how can I clean up our profile (delete out of date scores)?

I think PN or mail a moderator to do this is a bit excessive... so is there a way to do it for our own?



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Checked by moderator means that it's impossible for users to make a chance to the result for obvious reasons. We don't want people to increase their score after the score has been checked.


Also, we prefer NOT to remove results from the database because they provide us a lot of information regarding scaling, subtest behavior and much other stuff that can help us analyse hardware performance, calculate the appropriate benchmark weights that determine the points and even use them to compare when certain scores are in doubt.

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Ok.... analyses are always very interesting.... but I want to have a clearly arranged BenchBros profile. So when you open your personal page, that there are not 100 results for AM3, 120 results for 3dmark06 and so on... just scores with points, cups or medals have to be listed in the personal profile page. is that possible? Maybe let old results in the database, but is there a possibility to hide these scores for better clarity in profiles?


I have deleted many scores in the past. This will not happen again, when there is a possibility to hide old scores in the own profile.


Thanks :)

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Maybe this one:



The second result have neither point nor cups oder medals... but is is in the second place in this list. So I think its a bit confusing, when you want to compare your actual benchmarks with the older one, to figure out, if it is better or not.


Maybe a easy way to solve this problem is to order these entries in this view by hwpoints and not by benchmark result. So older results are at the end of the list and the actual best results are on the top of the list.



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