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modding nVidia .infs

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I have no idea how to do this...apparently its possible though.


If I wanted to run say... a GTS250/9800GTX on 169.21 drivers... can I/ how would I mod the .inf file to add-in support?


The driver package is closed so the drivers would have to be installed first, with a different (supported) card hooked up.. then mod the .inf then install the card we want... then reinstall the drivers on top and hope the inf is untouched?


Would that work?


Hope this makes sense



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The easiest way would be to use the .INF file of a driver that supports the hardware you're using. So, if FW177.30 is the driver you want to use, but FW177.31 is the one that supports your hardware, you pick copy the .INF file of the FW177.31 driver and place it in the extracted FW177.30 folder.


Use a driver version as close to the one you want to use, though.

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Whats the best way to get the driver I want on though? If I try installing say... a 9800GTX+ with 169.21, when I start the installation, the driver reports something like "no compatable hardware detected, setup wil now close"


but... if I use an older card to get the drivers installed, when I swap to the 9800GTX+, il be asked to install drivers, connected to "new hardware found....." then I come back to the problem above... wont I? :)


Doesnt the driver installation only interrogate the .inf in its own package to determine compatability? What i said in post 1 is wrong I think?

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