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Nvidia 8800-series panic room - first runs on cascade...


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finally I am having my own cascade! :)

Got it last saturday and needed to get used to it first.

I need to put some work into details of the beast (starting of first stage needs some rewiring of the start circuit)

and some isolation but it runs fine for now and got me some good scores already.


I always have some issues here and there with freezing mem and freaky vmods, but never gave up during the last days.

I collected some good system pics here :D


images of the system:


8800gtxfreeze.th.jpg 8800u2.th.jpg


90475540.th.jpg 47194573.th.jpg


8800u1.th.jpg dscf2993d.th.jpg


dscf2995h.th.jpg dscf2996p.th.jpg dscf2997y.th.jpg


8800u3.th.jpg dscf3006u.th.jpg


1x GPU 8800 Ultra rank 5 AM3

1x GPU 8800 Ultra rank 6 3D Mark 01

1x GPU 8800 Ultra rank 7 3D Mark 05

1x GPU 8800 Ultra rank 12 3D Mark 06

1x GPU 8800 GTX rank 15 AM3

1x GPU 8800 GTS 320 rank 11 AM3










As long as the cascade is alive and there are enough cards flying around here I will continue torturing G80 / G92 :cool:




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I was working hard past weeks due to a new software version of Caldera...business is going really well so maybe there will be some money left for SB-E soon :D Or maybe binning 2700K, I am not sure yet...I wanna have a christmas like last year - Santa was very good to me back then ;)



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