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Whats happened with PCMark05


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I did run PCMark05 at 5250 Mhz with a Core i7 Extreme 975 (100% stability), memory almost 2100 Mhz (8-8-8-22) and reach only 13000 points.

I got higger scores with a Athlon 2 X2 240.

Somebody knows whats hapeened?

What can i do to increase much points to my score?




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I only instaled the same operational system and i used identical HDs to the 2 system.

What can i set up in HDD to improve?


(X) Run each test once

( ) Repeat each test XXX times

( ) Loop all selected tests


Did i have to change the selected?

Or...i have to change another setting

Thanks :)

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No :(

I did try with XP 32 and vista 64, but at least i did run at 5250 Mhz (core i7 975 - HT on - all cores), and the memory powered around 2100 Mhz (cas 8), i just reached around 13000 points, but when i did run the Athlon II 240 i reached almost 15000

I can t understand.


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