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3dmark 06 low scores


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Any overclock I do makes the FPS in 3dmark 06 from getting too low.

When I go back to stock frequency and restart the FPS become normal.

Can be a simple overclock (from 4 GHz) or extreme overclocking (more than 5 GHz).

Every overclock i did turn the FPS a disaster

just increase the frequency and performance drops too

I'm using a Core i7 965 Extreme and it is stable at any overclock cited (HT on, all cores).

Does anyone know what might be happening?


P.S. i did try with a GTX275 and GTX295, and 3 diferent drivers, but the same problem




Thanks for all

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I give up...im going crazy and don t know what to do...

I did try all configurations, all operational systems, patch 1.1.0, hotfix but this happened.



I did try to run with all overclocking frequency (3700, 4200, 4500, 5000 Mhz...all the same)

I have 2VGA cards but always the same.

Anybody can help


Thanks again

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