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290 MHz Bclk on a i920


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Hi all,



Just wanted to ask more info about one result that has been moderated recently by Massman.


I'm talking about this score more exactly:



The comment of Massman is (I quote): "290MHZ BCLK, bugged????"


Since such a Bclk is likely improbable and I don't think I am the only one on earth thinking that, I would like to know what has been decided by the crew concerning this result. Has the user sent you more proof about this result?


The user still has HWboints for this submission.





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Hye mates, (I fallowed Anvil's (@OCM) redirection to get in the discussion)


That's right of course Massman, but : this thread isn't there to give any evidence or denie the rules.


At first the member who submitted this score is a well known bad player (not a noob),

baned of a lot of french speeking forums and I pass...(OCM/UFH/eBay...etc)


Than why is he still regestred ? :/ I remember a friend who's been baned for a fake he claims his brother done with his account !


Just one fake which imo was'nt made by Shino !!


And there a real cheater stay on the race ? oO I think it's not fair and that's all folks :(


NB: nothing about the man himself, just battling for fairplay ;)

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If the user wants to validate his CPU-Z submission there is only one way : Submitting other benchmarks.


The only thing is see in his account, is that his Wprime submissions are even not ranked in the top 100 of i920 category.


I understand the people who are defending him, but even though someone is a friend of yours, you need some detachment...

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