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CPU Frequency Ranking Link

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The main listing at that link is fixed now. :)


The world record section at the top of that page (it lists 8308MHz as the WR), as well as the right sidebar widget on that page still only shows 1x CPU records, not global cpuz world records as one would expect.


Again, this isn't really important, but just something I noticed if you want to add it to the backlog as well.

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Ahh gotcha. The manual verification makes sense now, it was confusing to look at - there are 11 bulldozers in the top 20, but only 2 listed in the right sidebar. I thought all top 20 globals were manually verified.


I see now that there are 2 fx-8150's listed in the right sidebar on that page. For some reason macci's 8.4 shows up lower than tapakah's 8.3. Andreyang's 1st place global must not have been manually verified, as it still lists him in 5th for his old celeron submission.

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