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S_A_V - Core i5 2500K @ 5997MHz - 6sec 140ms SuperPi


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Chips of 5900+ went for $3000-$5000 before.


With Ivy so close, though, I don't think this chip could go for that much. Two months ago, I reckon you could've sold this one for $7000 or so.

I did not even finished all benches with that chip but you already discuss their price :D

I don't expect someone willing to pay $7000, on the other hand, $1000 is only enough to cover buy/sell delta while you bin 15-20 CPUs.

Also, you can spend much more for bin and find nothing.

Anyway, first I need to finish with 3DMark01 and PCMark05 at least :)


Btw, why not make "For Sale" subforum here at hwbot?

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Btw, why not make "For Sale" subforum here at hwbot?




Don't want to spend time dealing with frauds. Luckily, there are plenty people willing to do it on other forums :D.


The issue is that it's a 2500K, without hyperthreading. So, maybe $3K might be possible.

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