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What would you like to see in memory reviews?


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We are starting to review memory kits for our website. I cant gather what we should test about memory. What i usually look for in a memory review or before buying one is the overclocking ability of the kit.


So i would like to ask the HWBot community that what they look for in a kit and how they would like it to be tested? I know, every person here is a pro in all this stuff and they dont really need to look at reviews to make decisions but still.... :D



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Imho, the most important part of a review is data backing up conclusions. If you conclude it's good for overclocking, show more than just a cpu-z screenshot that shows the MHz. Include voltage settings and other settings.


Also, don't make every product out there a 'must-have' like some reviewing websites like to do :P

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If I had to run a memory review section of some overclocking-oriented website, I'd separate it into two parts.

First part would be thoroughly testing and comparing ICs head to head (overclocking and overclocked performance) without mentioning any brand names.

Second, reviewing specific kits, ALWAYS mentioning the ICs, with a link to IC vs IC review for those who want more info and one or two quick overclocking (only) tests at 1866/2133/2400 for those who don't.


I'm sick and tired of noob reviewers from "elite" websites who only bother to test one overclocking scenario and then post 3 or 4 pages of "stock vs overclocked" charts without any reference to other recently reviewed products.

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