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CPU Unlocking Question

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I know that unlocking, for example, a dual core into a quad core is allowed, so long as it's submitted in the original category, right?


What about making a quad core appear as a dual core processor? Is that allowed? Would it have to be submitted in the quad core or dual core category (if it was allowed?)


if you have a CPU with unlocked multiplier, please only submit results under the hardware category of its original model. Don’t emulate other models to gain HWboints, if you are caught you will get penalized or even banned. The same goes for video cards which are modified either with a flashed BIOS or modded software, post your scores in the category of the original hardware.


Update 27th July 2009: It is allowed to unlock extra cores and cache if your processor allows that. Again, you do have to submit your result to the category of the original hardware.

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what benchmark would benefit from disabling cores on a quad core? beside CPU-Z ?


It's not a case of the benchmark running faster, it's more a case of getting two processors for the price of one. If you could make your processor appear as another CPU, it means you don't have to buy it and bench it, but you still get points.

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For example a 965 becomes a athlon II 265 when cores are disabled http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=900338 That is my own validation and i haven't submitted it. You can tell via the cpu psn and description that it is a 965 and als the fact a 265 doesn't exsist is kind of a giveaway :P


Although this is locking cores rather than unlocking cores I do think it is unethical to create boints for yourself but this has been a problem on hwbot for a while, in my opinion unlocked cpu's should have thier own categories to avoid domination in their original categories by people who just got lucky.



jmke It is possible (although not the issue at hand) that most single threaded benchmarks would benefit from this due to a reduction in heat and power consumption, but results in the 965 category showing an athlon II would constantly get reported and deleted. Yet another reason why they should have their own catergory.


edit: started typing this after post 3, you stole my thunder :(


and of course this means all athlon categories with corresponding model numbers need checking through, for example 955=255 940=240? etc etc tri's and quads should pull off this little trick ;)


Kohls gift card

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I somehow got the idea that these chips did't exist. Can you link me up with cpu-z links for the data, I'll restore them asap.


They do exist, but the results that were on hwbot were done with other chips made to look like the real thing.


I haven't installed them yet, but when I do, I'll just submit a ticket with the relevant information, unless an image of the chip itself would do?



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