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Need help in choosing new PC

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Hi to all forum users,

I'm a new kind of a guy here and also poor :D.

I'm thinking about getting a new PC at cost about 600$.

My question is what processor I should buy, personally, i'm thinking about getting

AMD, because it's cheaper.

Which of these choises would be the best?

AMD X4 640 3.0 Ghz or FX 4100 3.6 Ghz Black Edition?

I also have a question about a videocard. Should I take Radeon HD 6850 or NVidia GTX 560?

If you have some other cpu's/videocards you would like to suggest, then I'll be happy to hear it.

It would be great to know how big power supply must be for such a system and which company is the best producer.

My last question is if there are some tips in choosing a motherboard?

Thanks to all responses.

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You could have many answers for sure, but sadly I doubt you'll find them on those forums...


It's not about PCs here :D but overclocking only. Sorry.


You should try to open a thread in the right category on Xtremsystems forums. Good luck ;)

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I'm sure there are people here who can answer as well. personally i don't really know, though. Something AMD based if you want to OC, unless you want to buy used parts, like 2500k. Used 2500k + decent aftermarket cooler is probably your best bet, but I barely use cases at all, sohard for me to estimate cost and stuff.:D

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I find it hard to recommend AMD for anything much. Even if an AMD chip is overclocked to compensate, the power consumption gets a bit crazy. Intel I3/I5 spanks them so hard and generally uses less power while doing it :( Something like an I5 2400 and a simple P67 or Z77 mobo would be great. Yes, it costs more, no it can't really be overclocked, but it will run cool and not use much power...and it will perform really well :) I think I would pick the 560. It performs better than the 6870, by (generally) a bigger % than the % extra power it uses.


PSU.... I wouldn't buy anything less than 80Plus Silver :) a good quality 500W unit should be fine.


It's hard to buy a bad mobo these days... most are good :)

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