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Did these count for points? Why didn't they show up in new submissions?

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These are all runs done by myself for my team, they didn't show up in our "New Team Submissions" tab. ...


Also, as far as I can see, my team lost two team total points from before I submitted them to after...and I was watching our points total closely the night I ran them and I didn't see any gain AFAIK. Unfortunately I wasn't watching power points... >_<




Sam :)

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hmm, there seems to be a bug with "new team submissions" for some guys.


when i submit something, i get the points as normal, but under "new team submissions" on the front page it's always shown as 0.0 points.

Hmm, okay.


My results didn't even show up in the list.



Naw wai

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One of them shows up in 11-20 if I click next O.o ...the other ones don't.

However 1-10, my team has only submitted 4 results (that are older than these) outside of mine, so 6x of them don't show at all(?)


The fourth result too was from zeneffect and doesn't show up at all either.

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