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i have problems with it

dimmslot 1,2 doesnt function at all

ez tuner doesnt work with bios f4 and win7 64 bit

and my ram are getting very warm...much warmer then with t3eh8


but with first boot i coud go up to 4.9 with w3540



RMA it or try updating bios? dimm 1 and 2 not working is not good lol

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RMA it or try updating bios? dimm 1 and 2 not working is not good lol


i found out that it supports only W3540 C0 stepping

my cpu is D0

maybe thats why i cannot get tripple channel activated


and EZ tuner deosnt work with F4 bios in win7 64


slot 1,2 are dead but maybe its CPU/bios issue





OC results under water


i did 4.95 but couldnt validate.it crashed

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I'm running a 950 D0 and all slots work ... sometimes. It's a known issue that sometimes the board 'forgets' the last bank and you can only address 4GB. 2 dimm slots ... that's probably a dead board.


yes but my problem ist the first bank

it cannot forget the first bank

i think my board is dead

because according manual if i have only 1 modul,i have to use slot 1 or 3

and 1 doesnt react on anything

its just dead

3,4,5,6 have no problem

and thats why

if i mount 3x2gb it detects only 4gb because the first slot doesnt read anything from module

but in windows i can read SPD from the first modul :) but it is not usable

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