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Getting Z77-UD5H over 1.80vCore?


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Everything works fine at 1.78v.... if I try 1.80v or more, I get an insta-restart during windows load. if I try GTL in Windows, I get a freeze. My power and current limits are set pretty high in BIOS, my temps are nice and cold.


Anyone got any ideas? I usually have a smoother OC if I leave most of my 3D Power limits set to auto. I don't understand the vCore Protection and vCore Current protection option. Why is they measured in mV, defaulting to 250mV?

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Hey man,


i tried S2 bios and F9D both i could go 1.9v and above,


i only had LLC on extreme or +7 and all other settings auto.


cpu isn't like overheating right? My cpu recently degraded in a sense where i think it's the paste inside the CPU that dislodged, cause i cant reach my high clocks anymore and the delta from pot to cpu is huge. so im guessing my cpu is faulty internally or the paste went bad somehow.

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please try F8D BIOS, and then max out all the 3d power settings regarding vcore. VCore voltage protection is the amount of voltage above the limit that it will allow. So 300mv is 0.3v above whatever gb has set, it is stupid I know. There should be some later unlocked BIOS for the UD5H, as those two are old i personally prefer the newer ones even if they are a bit limited, as i would never bench with over 1.9v set anyways. and even without +6 LLC that is like 1.87v under load that is enough, but if you need the legacy benchmark enhance or something then use the S2.

I forget which but one of the benching BIOSes has no reset for BCLK, so you had to go to 105mhz and then 110mhz if you wanted to go high, i think one of the others had that fixed.

Current protection just set extreme.


Oh don't max out switching frequency, that is the only one not to max. I max them out without an issue, however Dino likes to only change LLC, you can try both ways, but if the voltage is being the limit then increase the OVP.

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