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New Futuremark SystemInfo out


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Updated FM SystemInfo, 4.11 is now available. Updated CPUID and added some additional anti-tampering stuff. This will roll out in full updated installers in the coming weeks assuming no immediate issues crop up with it.




Expect Futuremark Hall of Fame to require this version in a few weeks.

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Thanks for the headsup :)


Please will you let us know the final date for people to upload .3dr files with the current system info version? :)


I don't know yet but I can say that it won't happen for at least 30 days. Most likely timeframe is something like 6-10 weeks from now.


And after that you can of course still upload them - they just won't be accepted to HoF any more.

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Still a memory hog a la 4.9?


In what scenario would the current memory usage matter in any way? Yes, it spawns a bunch of parallel processes to speed up the scan. I guess it is possible to force it to do sequential (single process, single thread) scan through FMSIDIAG.exe debug options but that way the system scan will take quite a bit longer...

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