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480 lightning 197.45 driver/rivatuner


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Can anyone help me get rivatuner working with 197.45 driver and 480 lightning. I dont see any subs with that driver so maybe its not possible??


Driver works just fine but rivatuner wont change anything. Is there any other way to change lod that I dont know about aside from nvhardpage or rivatuner. Something similar to ati setlod for nvidia?

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You need to add device string in the config file in order to get it working.

Open the config file located in the riva folder and then search for nvidia section. Then open gpuz and see what is your device id.

Add that device id in the appropriate section, then search for the second section where the device string is specified, e.g. (Nvidia GeForce GTX480) which will correspond to the graphics core added in the previous section.


If it's not clear enough, search in google, there should be some guides, or I can help you further when back at home.


This is the way it is done for every unsupported cards, regardless ATI or nVidia.

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Use nVidiaInspector?


Nvidia inspector only works with 2xx drivers. Was hoping for a boost in 01 scores with 197.45 driver but I just got everything working and 197.45 and 260.99 score just about identical, guess that's why all subs are with 2xx drivers.


Guess that brings up a new question anybody changing lod with 3xx drivers yet

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nvidiainspector sets it no problem. There's even a modified version with LOD maximum > 3.

You can use the standard version as well, but you need to input the LOD offset as a HEX value.

The values in the dropdown are just predefined values with labels for convenience.


The step is 0.125 and looking at the first value in the inspector, hex value for it is 0x0000001.

LOD = 5 would be 5/0.125 = 40 which converted in HEX is 28.

So you need to input 0x00000028 in the LOD box.


As simple as that :P



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