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Mafio - GeForce GTX 280 @ 750/1280MHz - 50916 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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Well, sse3 set was presented in 2004 so I don't think 3dm01se may benefit from new instructions. Maybe driver? Anyway, the test is rather cpu than gpu bottlenecked so even if driver implements sse3 it won't gain that much in 3DMark01.


yes, it's a mere CPU benchmark.

only nature seems to gain a bit from higher GPU frequency.


You're almost safe, mate. I don't have time for LN2, too. And I don't even have SS, so will stick with water.

Don't think I can pass the 50K mark with what I have. Plus all my good cards are insulated :D.


it's a shame that the competition last only 3 days.

anyway I'm not so sure about me being safe, knopflerbruce will probably kick my ass. :D

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