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wcrf - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1360/1850MHz - 15358 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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Thanks Ronaldo.


Last night when I saw other submissions with this new driver, before I press the "report" button, I decided to do a quick search. I suggest all the haters that push the button, to do the same instead of talking BS.


Just take a look here in HWbot: http://hwbot.org/newsflash/1836_amd_driver_improvement_catalyst_11.12_on_ln2__catalyst_12.11_on_water


In the next few days we're going to see massive changes in the rankings. This submission that is, by now, the #1 in water, will go down the stairs.

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Thanks once again, my friends.


Rbuass, I believe I can go a little higher. The vga is a Sapphire Dual-X OC with Koolance block, water around 7 degrees. Vga ASIC 69%, wich means nothing when the water is cold. Gpu's max temp 24 degrees.

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This new driver gives about 1000 point boost in 3D11 with HD7970


Not true.

If you have 5000 points and get 1000 more is about 20%

If you have 15000 and get 1000 more is about 7%

It depends....but I think is about 10 to 12¢ as informed in the news;


Anyway....other great job to enthusiast league... #1

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