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TerraRaptor - CUSL2 @ 239.6MHz - 239.6 MHz Reference Clock


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haven't ever met this problem. Tried another bios? Does aida show the same?


i tried all bios for CUSL2 even the "evil inside Bios" :(

Maybe is a bug of CUSL2 but not for all version...

I have ASUS CUSL2 rev 1.02 with green capacitors...

You? thanks terraraptor ;)

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On the motherboard there is a chip that is called a clockgen (clock generator).


This is a clockgen for exemple:




If your clockgen can only go up to 220 MHz then you can't do anything about it, you are "hardware" limited


i yes i know it ;)

CUSL2 have ICS 94201CF

So if all CUSL2 have this clockgen, why my CUSL2 can't go over?

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When you say it doesn't work, you mean ?:

- doesn't apply

- crash

- does nothing


What tools have you tried, do you have higher values than 220 in the BIOS ?


I have this problem like gigioracing even when i use Celeron Coppermine-128 with bus at 66Mhz...

If i start from 66Mhz the mobo blocked me at 108Mhz but if i start from 100Mhz FSB i have no problem and i can go over the CPU's limit.

I have this problem with setFSb but even if i set the fsb on the BIOS is the same :(

The problem is that doesn't apply ;)

you set the fsb but does not change...

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I had the same problem with my CUSL2-C few months ago. I tried to get decent SDRAM clock (2:3 divider) and it was impossible to pass ~ 100MHz FSB. When I set more, the real clock remains at 100 - checked in CPU-Z, aida64.




CUSL2-C rev. 1.02 (ICS 94201DF), modded "evil inside" BIOS

PIII coppermine, 133MHz FSB - tried more of them, same results

PC133 CL2 SDRAM - validated at > 170MHz on different MB

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