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7970L video loss problem


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Having issues with video loss when going cold with my 7970L. Happends around -90c. I think Ive read summet about this, but cant find any real reading about it.


Could it be summet about setting diff Gen?


Anyone share sum info on this with be very much appritiated.

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Seems to be pretty normal, one my single sample mine blacks screens after -75c.


No gpu reactor as well, not sure if this makes any difference.



Have U seen any diff in bench scores becouse of this or will it be totaly ok to run benches when it does this? I have only tried with reactor off, so I have yet to try with it on. Ill post findings next week after sum sessions.


It is not related with temps(at least in my occasion).It has to do with gpu voltage/frequency and it is very common with 7970s.


I find this not correct, becouse when it happend to me I ran stock volts and stock speed. Just took the temps down slowly. But Ill deff try to cranck sum volts up and see if it acts diff.


So does sum of the cards NOT have this issue?

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don't care about no screen, check voltages while is black if it's running or not

that means u have to run the benchmark then go down with temp (-110/-120), keep in mind the benchmark time then with torch go to -90 to capture the screen shot, all the times you need to check voltages if gpu is running or not

mod PLL and try 1.15/1.20 can help with temp a bit.

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Thnx very much. This helps alot :). Ill deff watch those volts to see if it cuts out. I think Im about ready then for this card.


PLL mod? :D


U can vmod pll if u know soldering.

Here u will find some info



I dont know the vr u have to use u can calculate it your self or àsk someone already tried the mod.


Good Luck

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