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  1. Thank you guys ? @George_oc I had Stavro's spirit guiding me through the session ?
  2. Nice one James. Stav is on vacation but I will give it try tomorrow ?
  3. So Allen, you are straight forward implying that the first scores in 01 and 03 with 3 and 4 cards (our scores and Bullshooter's) are made with disabled crossfire.
  4. No problem Roman. Got it from your first reply. Just wanted to justify my reaction ?
  5. Saying "Some people ask me to remove globals, others want to keep it " got me thinking it was not your idea. Anyway, we got some decisions at the start of the season and I think we should stick with them till the end of the season.
  6. Here comes the drama again and ohh, what a coincidence to come to this conversation right after OGS posted some scores. I assure you those scores were not easy to achieve and required a lot of testing and money in hardware. It's probably easier for some to reject them than trying to even get a setup like this running. Cheats can be done in any benchmark ( like our friend from Australia did with Port Royal).
  7. Huge competition but the time frame is disappointing. Have to decide between summer holidays and competition. Good luck to everyone (especially to those who have a wife ?).
  8. Thanks ? Yes you did ? Something like that. Intented to push some more ? ?
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