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looking for fun, cheap videocards to overclock for a contest

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If you were holding an overclocking contest, which videocards would you consider?


They have to be (in order of importance):

- cheap. <50$ is a big plus, >100$ is way too pricey

- overclockable. no point in holding a oc contest with videocards that won't oc

- not total crap. we don't want sth pretty to look at while running the benchmarks, and they should offer at least satisfy the casual, undemanding gamer


My thoughs:

- 7100GS: dirt cheap (+- 35$), overclocks well

- 7300GT DDR3: mediocre price (+- 70$), overclocks insane, can actually be used for gaming

- 8500GT: a bit too pricey (+- 85$), overclocks well, dx10 capable

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7300GT would be a good one to play with, DD3 makes a big difference. We had a contest over @ OCF last year with a 7600GS, the DDR2 was a big drag. We had cores on DI and alot of voltage and we're going nowhere fast.

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