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Worth the money?

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My current daily device is a Hp DV7 6b70eb.

It has an Intel 2670Qm 8gb ddr3 and a HD6770m on board. I also installed an Intel 60gb SSD few weeks along with Windows 8.


The problem is that I can't decide where to spend money on.

It seems that I have sever possibilties to upgrade this laptop a bit.

But is worth to spend nearly 750$ on a ;

full HD display,

2860qm cpu

and ofcourse 16gb ddr3 corsairs


I play games often, but there are are also periods of months that gaming doesn't cross my mind. Otherwise when I do game, I want to be able to do it properly..Buy a desktop you say? Ok but it makes me feel not so social with my girlfriend around me, when at home..

I never doubt, this time I do lol :banana:


Any input is welcome, although I know I have to make the choice on my own ://

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-FullHD screen only means better productivity, but that video card wouldnt keep up if playing at it's native resolution.

-16GB Ram: other than making a Ram Drive out of it and installing a game onto it, there is no other benefit.

-2860qm: performance gap is too small to gain you more than 1 or 2 extra fps.

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Ok thanks guys, makes it easier to decide :D A new desktop it shall be! ^^



Couldn't resist not to buy other ram :D

2 of those 4Gb 1600 Mhz (PC3-12800 )

Installed they work at 665Mh instead of the 800Mhz I wanted.. 9-8-8-20

Going to see if I can alter that. So far no gain at all :nana:

passmark old vs new

memory mark 2038//2068

datbase op 67.5//71.3

read cached 21858//21855

unchaed 11283//11339

write 8407//8449

avaible ram 6968//7100

latency 28.1//27.7

threaded 18365//18424


cpu mark 6714//6735


Sticks were cheap so doesn't matter bought something LOL :woot:


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