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A couple of records but no points?

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Not sure if I am being thick but I am reasonably new to HWbot.


I have made a few submissions recently and a couple are 1st place records. The points are showing as 0.0 Am I doing something wrong?


I added pics to validate my results as well


Thanks for any info in advance :)

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New benches typically take some time before they start awarding points. Some benches are never awarded points. HWBot is working on improving how that decision is made, and who makes it.


The link mikecdm provided is what I started out using, to be sure I spent my time where it would be rewarded.


I would say its pretty likely that Firestrike will get points awarded, because it is the most popular of the new benches. It could be a long time however, so in the mean time if you focus where there is the most competition, you'll be sure to get rewarded for the scores. :)

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