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Ximi - 3x GeForce GTX 680 @ 1200/1700MHz - 138451 marks 3DMark03


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lol if the previous 03 record with 3 cards is around 80K ish , you think your score is valid ?


Tri SLi on XP , that would make my day


Darn dude how many times have you submitted scores like this ? 3-4 times already you have been caught in the act... and still you go on...

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Then 1 card , all rigth , you are ok.


I dont know if work 1 card or 3 cards , but if you say that SLI dont work , all rigth then 1 card working.

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The Tri-Sli I can not use because I sold one GTX 680 and hopefully sell the other 2 GTX 680.


Thanks for being so helpful Nickolas my scores by the Tri-Sli I had mounted, if instead of dwelling on my faults to get me, you will use your intelligence to improve your own results you would be better, rather than challenge my results and say that attempt to deceive when it is not.


I did not know that XP did not mark the punctuation of the 3 GTX 680, a user commented in nvidia inspector could configure the Tri-SLI to function as Tri-Sli although the GPU-Z does not mark as SLI.


But hey, do not give more clues if you want and Nickolas shopped the "tricks".

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