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How to keep VGA memories away from freezing !!!

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Hey guys,

Each overclocker has his own way in extreme overclocking, I know some of you guys use heating element or glass anti-steam. Is there any way else which I don't know?

I made this in free time ... very useful , I used it on 8800 in quick run and it was awesome I think it would give me 50 to 100MHz more for memory clock in long benching.


What you need :

1) Free time :D

2) 230v AC Dimmer

3) Electrical Transformer (Double6 which give you both 6volt and 12 volt)

4) Flexible swath shape heating element

5) Plastic Varnish for wire and heating element


Really easy, set the dimmer between transformer input and your AC power plug. By reducing transformer input voltage , It's output will reduce too (in my case I used 0-6volt output and I have to say it is enough. I use 12volt output for DC fan)






Whole package won't get hot but if you want to be creative and have too much time you can use 12volt output for a DC fan. Don't forget that output of transformer is AC so you have to use a Pol Diode and Capacitor (should be more than 1000micro-F, in my case I used 3300mF 16v)


Put the varnish on for flexible swath shape heating element and done ...

This is what I came up with :


Idle temp :



Load temp :



And just set this between your LN2 pot and your memories.


It's adjustable and you can have any temp that you want, I got 120C max on this length of heating element.


"It is bad that I can not post pictures directly but I leave the links" :D

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