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New wave AGP: AM2NF3-VSTA overclocking


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I've bought this board months ago, but it shipped with the totally wrong bios making it impossible to boot the X4 Deneb straight away. So, bought an old Sempron CPU, flashed the bios, mounted the X4 Deneb again and everything should be working. Sadly enough, that wasn't the case: gave up on the board for a few weeks, then last weekend decided to give it another spin. After much trying, I finally got it to boot just the one time ... and after much more trying I finally got it working somewhat properly ...


Just wondering if there are other guys or gals out there who have touched this board and if they are willing to share some info. I had a great time with the LGA775 Asrock variant last time ... hoping this board can do the same magic!





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First it didn't boot with my 2x1GB Crucial, so I tried 2x512MB sticks (which worked perfectly). Now the crucials are working again ... but booting after crash remains an issue.


Also will need to figure out loads of hardmods, I think :-/

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Nice! But you brought it not for Superpi, did you? :D


If you're going to extreme and high frequencies, I would suggest to get a dual-core. Our member used a Phenom II X4 965 and it made bad to the PWM. Now, under high load the voltage drops about 0,2-0,25V and this is very high. As you understand this is not the time that you can turn the FB resistor a bit further.

I think that this happened because the voltage regulator is kind of weak for quad cores. And you don't need quads in almost all but one benchmarks.

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Hi all,


I bought an AM2NF3-VSTA mobo last week for a preview. AGP + Phenom II. :D I updated its BIOS to the latest 3.30 and it works perfectly with an AM3 Sempron 140. Unfortunately there is no official Thuban support for it (yet). AGP + six-cores would be the true combo. :D

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Quite funny. In the games the situation about multiple threading is even worse than in 3DMark. You won't achieve anything significant moving from 4 cores to 6 cores. :)


It would be interesting to read such an AGP + AM3 review still.


In games I probably won't achieve but I'm going to test with other (non-3D) benchmarks and applications as well. Mainly I would like to show that you can use the latest AMD CPUs in a four years old motherboard. :) Maybe I'll compare it with a new AM3 mobo as well.

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I thought the idea was about using the AGP video. Well, it's a different case then. Be careful with the VRM ;)


I'm going to try some popular games but not the 3D performance will be the key. I'll put a fan above the PWM. Hopefully it will be enough.

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