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[WTB][Europe] Asrock Z77 OC Formula


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Z87 is knocking on the door and I can't find any decent Z77 board in Bulgaria.

It had been always hard to get top-of-the-line boards, they are always offered in very limited quantity. There's just no market for expensive boards, almost noone buys them.


It seems my Maximus V Formula can't be fixed and there's nothing I can change it with. All good boards disappeared.


So, I'm looking for a used Asrock Z77 OC Formula.

Accessories are not important - I don't need them. It also doesn't matter if it had been freezed or not. I just need a functional board without any damaged components.

It will be freezed anyway.


Sellers from Europe only, please. Importing hardware outside EU is too much of a hassle :(.

Payment via paypal only.


My other option is to buy it from UK/DE brand new, so it depends how good is your offer.

Third option would be if some good person buys it for me and sends it via registered post to Bulgaria. I will pay him via Paypal.

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France is ok, too. In fact any country in EU is ok, but I have a way to deliver any hardware for cheap from UK and DE only.

There's a delivery company with addresses in these countries, so shops send the hardware mainland and this company delivers it to Bulgaria for cheap (paying per kg).

Others don't ship to Bulgaria or if they do - price is too high, considering OC Formula box is big.

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240 is a bit too much, considering there will be a shipping cost as well.

Germany seems a better option. Anyway, many thanks for the offer! :)


3 people offered me boards so far and I'm waiting for prices, so I can decide which one I want.

No matter which offer I choose, I'm glad that people want to help me get one of these boards. That's the community spirit :).

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